Mission Statement

It shall be the mission of King County Fire Protection District 44, to protect life and property from the threat of fire and other dangers, and to provide emergency medical care to the victims of accidental and emergency medical conditions.

It is the objective of the District within the keeping of our mission statement:

To Protect Life
Arrive at the location of 70% of emergency medical incidents in 60 percent of the District within 6 minutes or less with no less than two Firefighter/EMT's equipped with the King County Emergency Medical Programs recommended first responder equipment and provide emergency medical treatment until advanced life support assistant can be obtained or the patient can be transported to an emergency medical center.

To Stabilize Emergency Incidents and/or Protect Property
Arrive at the location of 70% of emergency incidents within 60% of the District in 6 minutes or less with no less than 2 firefighter/EMT's equipped with the recommended equipment and establish incident command, call for further resources, take steps necessary to protect life, stabilize the incident, protect property and prevent the incident from escalating until the assistance of further resources can be obtained or the incident is controlled.

These objectives shall be the benchmark of the District's goal to measure the ability to perform its mission and plan for its operational needs.

To further meet these goals and objectives it is the Districts aim to provide the citizens of the community with prevention and safety information that may reduce the number and severity of emergency incidents that occur.

Further it is the District's goal to provide emergency responders with the training, equipment, facilities and direction it requires to accomplish our mission in a safe and effective manner.

It shall be the responsibility of the District and all its personnel to measure all that we do against the Mission Statement and our service goals.