Volunteer Information


Applications are accepted year-found the year for the spring and fall volunteer academy's. Submission of a completed application, successfully passing a written test, interviewing with a panel, background check, Public Safety CPAT, medical physical and invitation are required to enter the volunteer academy. A driver's abstract record from the Washington State Department of Licensing is required as part of the application process. Applicants are to submit a copy of their High School Diploma or GED along with their application. To request an application, please send an email to lkelly@mvfire.org. 

Basic Applicant Requirements

There is a National background check performed on each applicant. An applicant must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid Washington State Driver's License, a relatively"clean" driving record (must be insurable by our insurance company) and have a high school diploma or GED. An applicant must have the physical strength, health and endurance to perform fire suppression, rescue and emergency medical duties safely and must also successfully complete the Public Safety CPAT as well as a medical physical examination prior to starting an academy.

Recruiting Process 

Those who meet our basic requirements, and submit a completed application, will be invited to attend the next available Orientation. Applicants who attend Orientation will be given a written test that they must pass in order to move onto Oral Interviews. Based on the feedback we receive from the interview panel, after the Oral Interviews, invitations will be sent to select candidates to attend the next available academy. Those who are not selected would need to reapply and go through the recruiting process to be considered for a future academy. 

Volunteer Academy  

Currently, recruit academy is roughly five (5) months long and consists of a combination of both classroom and drill ground (hands on) training. Recruit Academy is based on content from the IFSTA Essentials of Firefighting book. Academy is typically every Tuesday & Thursday evening from 1800-2200 hrs (6-10 pm) & Saturday's from 0800-1700 hrs (8 am-5 pm), although some training outside of these hours may be required. In order to become a Volunteer with Mountain View, a Recruit would need to successfully complete all aspects of academy. Attendance of all classes is mandatory and a written test passing threshold of 80%+ is required.  

3 Types of Volunteers 

"In/ Out of District" structural volunteers live within the district boundaries but do NOT reside at one of our stations. In/ Out of District Volunteers are held to the same rigorous training standards and are required to stand a minimum of four (4) watches/ shifts (1800-0600 hrs) each month, including at least 1 Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 

Mountain View also has structural "Resident" volunteers who are assigned living quarters in a fire station in return for a minimum three (3) watches/ shifts (1800-0600 hrs) each week (Monday - Sunday), including at least one (1) Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

All structural volunteer firefighters ("In/ Out of District" and "Resident") are expected to participate in no less than 75% of the weekly Thursday night drills (for months with 5 Thursday's, Volunteer's must attend a minimum of 4 drills, for month's with 4 Thursday's, Volunteer's must attend a minimum of 3 drills). Essential skills are honed and new skills are introduced at these weekly drills. 

Structural Volunteers (In/ Out of District or Resident) may also participate in Wildland firefighting.

We accept applications year round for anyone interested in joining our "Wildland" firefighting team. Wildland firefighter training will typically begin in March. If you plan to apply for Wildland only, when submitting an application, 
please note "WILDLAND ONLY". Wildland only members are not permitted to be residents.


Volunteer Fire Fighters receive on-duty injury medical coverage, monetary reimbursement or stipends for staffing and training participation, life insurance, and the opportunity for additional training. Volunteering is an excellent first step for those interested in the fire service as a career.

If you have questions regarding recruiting, academy or volunteering, please email us at lkelly@mvfire.org. 

Civilian Ride Along's are available (see form under "Associated Documents" on this page. Ride Along's must be reviewed and approved by the Fire Chief.