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All structural volunteers are trained in the essentials of firefighting and first aid. Our volunteer firefighters are expected to participate in no less than 3 of the 4 regular weekly Thursday night drills. Essential skills are honed and new skills are introduced at these weekly drills. All volunteer firefighters are required to attend and complete a rigorous 9 week academy consisting of 2 week nights and all day on Saturdays.

Out of District Volunteers

Some volunteers live in the district, and others live outside district boundaries. Those volunteers living outside the boundaries participate in the "Out of District Responder Program." Out of district volunteers are held to the same rigorous training standards and are required to pull 4 shifts each month, staffing a fire station. Mountain View also utilizes "resident volunteers" who are assigned living quarters in a fire station in return for three shifts each week.


Volunteer Fire Fighters receive on duty injury medical coverage, monetary reimbursement or stipends for staffing and training participation, life insurance, and the opportunity for additional training. Volunteering is an excellent first step for those interested in the fire service as a career.


Applications are accepted throughout the year for the spring and fall volunteer academies. An applicant for the academy must be 18 years of age and have a valid Washington State Driver's License. He/She must have the physical strength, health and endurance to perform fire suppression and rescue. Passage of an application review, physical agility (PDF) test, written test and background check are required to enter the volunteer academy. A driver's extract record from the Washington State Department of Licensing is required as part of the application process.

Wildland Firefighters

We are now accepting applications for anyone interested in joining our wildland firefighting team. We generally meet on the last Monday of each month and our new wildland firefighter training will begin in March.