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Volunteer Application Request Form

  1. Mountain View Fire & Rescue Application Request Form

    Please fill out this form to request a volunteer application for Mountain View Fire & Rescue. Once we received the completed form, we will send you the appropriate application depending on the type of volunteer activities you would like to participate in with the department.

  2. Example: MM/DD/YYYY

  3. Example: MM/DD/YYYY

  4. We generally send applications via email.

  5. Minimum Requirements To Volunteer With Mountain View Fire & Rescue:

    Must be 18 or older Must pass a background check Must have a good driving record Must be 18 or older, Must pass a background check, Must have a good driving record, Must be in good physical condition, (not all requirements listed on this form)

  6. What Type Of Volunteer Position Are You Applying For?

  7. Volunteer Structural Firefighter:

    Our structural volunteer firefighters are required to attend approximately 20 weeks/ 5 months of our Recruit Academy. Recruits are required to attend classes every Tuesday Evening, Thursday Evening, and all day Saturday during the academy. The Spring Academy generally begins in March and the Fall Academy generally begins in October. We will send out a packet to all qualified applicants with an invitation to our volunteer orientation. Orientation is required for all applicants to learn about our programs and to take, & successfully pass, the entrance exam(s). We will make our selection for the volunteer academy based on scores from the entrance exam(s) as well as scores for an Assessment Day, which potential Recruit are invited to attend, & must successfully pass, in order to be invited to attend Academy. Once recruits complete the volunteer structural firefighting academy, they will be required to attend shifts (6pm to 6am) each month. The number of shifts vary depending on the type of volunteer the firefighter is with us: resident (lives in the fire station), in-district (lives within our fire district), out-of-district (does not live within our fire district. Structural firefighters are also required to attend drill each Thursday evening once they finish the academy.

  8. I Am Interested In Becoming A Structural Firefighter

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  9. Volunteer Wildland Firefighter:

    Our volunteer wildland firefighters begin training in March of each year and new member training may be as late as June. Volunteer wildland firefighters must attend training which included six evening classes and a full weekend. Volunteer wildland volunteers may also get their Red Card for wildland firefighting with the addition of a pack test (walk 3 miles, in less than 45 minutes, with a 45lbs pack). These volunteers are also required to attend monthly drill (generally the last Monday of each month). Oure volunteer wildland firefighters are used on an on-call basis for local fires. If the volunteer is interested they may also be asked to deploy on larger fires across the state.

  10. I am interested in becoming a wildland firefighter

  11. Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B)

    Mountain View Fire & Rescue does not have EMT only volunteers. We will accept current EMTs in our other volunteer programs. Our EMTs respond to medical emergencies, work at local events, etc.

  12. Please let us know if you have any questions. You can also call us during normal business hours at 253-735-0284 or email

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